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Welcome to the BYU Bookstore Book Exchange

The BYU Bookstore launched a new version of the Book Exchange at the beginning of November 2013.

A few of the changes include:

  • Book postings now require an ISBN (Internation Standard Book Number). This increases the accuracy and speed for posting items and also allows the display of comparison pricing.
  • Book postings from the old site were not transferred because a large percentage of the old postings did not include an ISBN.
  • Back by popular demand! We did not include a search by course feature in the initial release in November but many people voiced their concerns and we listened. We have added a feature to allow sellers to indicate for which course they used the item and buyers can now search by course. Buyers beware! Make sure you are buying items needed for your specific section. Remember, just because a book is listed on the Book Exchange DOES NOT mean it will be used for the course. The BYU Bookstore makes no repersentation concerning the accuracy or the quality of the postings on this site.
  • The search will return books matching your criteria even if there are no postings for it on the book exchange. We felt that this was helpful so that you could see that the book you were searching for does or does not have any postings. This way you don't need to keep trying different search terms hoping to find a posting for the book you need.
  • We have included comparison pricing from sites such as We also display digital options if available. We hope you find this convenient as you search for more affordable options to purcahse your course materials. The BYU Bookstore receives a small commission for sales on these sites resulting from students following these links and purchasing. We hope that these commissions will help cover the expenses of maintaining this site so that we can continue to offer this service for free.

We welcome your feedback on the new site and hope to be able to continue to offer this free service to the BYU community. Please direct any feedback to

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